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a doodle because i missed my boys

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“Stop worrying Derek, I practically went through chemo already.”

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Listening to heartbeat. 

I don’t like fanon “puppy piles” and avoid fanfics with this tag, yet I think that Derek himself is prone to seeking physical contact and cuddling. He canonically touches everyone’s shoulders, even Jackson’s. That is a telling sign to me, because I myself hate touching. I’m often uncomfortable even if there is only 10 cm between me and a body, feeling an “aura pressure” and wanting to rub my skin. Therefore, no unrequited touching from me. Derek puts a protective wall of aggression and yet he pats Scott, reaches for Stiles’s hand after wolfsbane bullet, puts a reassuring hand on Isaac, etc. The wolfie needs comforting hugs like right now, honestly.  

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After having used an entire weekend while I was sick, pulled an all-nighter on a work day and stayed up for 48 hours so I could keep working on this, I am officially finished. I’ve also realised how depressingly slow I still am at using photoshop, but I’m getting better!

Now I’m going to lie down and sleep for a few days.

Stiles/Derek, Teen Wolf.

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just a really quick doodle in response to this post

because I don’t actually have time to draw TW right now but I just had to at least doodle something……..

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Commission for finduilasclln for her fanfiction 487.

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Anonymous asked: I have a final interview tomorrow and if I don't get this job I'll be broke and homeless and I'm so stressed I am trying to avoid panic attacks... Can you write something sterek where one is stressed but it works out OK? Maybe comfort on the side? <3


[Good luck on your interview! Um…have a high school au?]

Stiles takes one look at the envelope and freaks out. “I can’t do it, I can’t open it— what if it’s a rejection? Wouldn’t it be in a big fat envelope if it was an acceptance? Scott got the big envelope already, and this is a little one— you open it!” 

Derek takes the envelope from Stiles’ hands where his breathing is starting to quicken. It’s true the envelope is small but a lot of colleges are saving paper nowadays and Derek already got his acceptance to UCBH and it was in a small envelope. “Calm down, Scott got a fat envelope from Stanford because they’re a private college and he did early decision so they sent him all the goodies.” 

"But this is my future, Derek! What if I don’t get accepted? What if I have to stay in Beacon Hills forever as a dead-end loser?”

Derek just grabs Stiles by the shoulders, holds him still and looks him in the eye. “You are not a loser, whatever this envelope says or not says you still have a bunch of options. You got into UC San Diego and Merced, and they’re both great schools. Don’t freak out.”

Stiles is practically shaking.

"Why are you freaking out about this in particular? You weren’t this nervous when your other responses came back." Derek says in a slow tone. 

"You’re going to UCBH," Stiles blurts out. "I had kind of hoped we’d be there together." 

"Just because we’re all going to different colleges won’t mean that we’re not going to stay friends," Derek says, confused. 

"Right, like it’s going to be twice as difficult trying to be more than friends if we’re—" and then Stiles’ eyes widen, like he’s realizing what he’s just said aloud. 

"Stiles— are you saying—?" 

Stiles turns bright red. “Yeah, I just, um, it’s cool if you just wanna be friends—”

Derek rips open the envelope, reads the first few lines, and then grins at Stiles. “Hey, Stiles— how’d you like to start at UCBH with me as boyfriends?” 

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"Stiles," Derek sighs, eyes remaining closed. "Go to sleep."

"I’m trying," Stiles says, pulse quickening.

"No, you’re not. You’re staring at me." He slowly opens his eyes then, meeting Stiles’ gaze in the dim darkness of the boy’s bedroom. Stiles smiles, feeling his heart flutter warm in his chest. Derek blinks. "What?"

Stiles inches closer, moving his arm to play with Derek’s hair rather than his own. Derek’s eyes flicker over his face, filled with wonder.

"You look adorable when you sleep," Stiles admits in a murmur.

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                                                                ~The dawn is breaking
                                                                A light shining through
                                                                You’re barely waking
                                                            And I’m tangled up in you~

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