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so. yeah. I wrote a sterek drabble inspired by this lovely fanart for lonewolfed

It was supposed to be a short business arrangement - nothing more, nothing less. The last thing Stiles expected at the end of said arrangement was to grow smitten with the frowny guy he’d picked to voice his software.

And according to his friends, he was understating the smitten part.

Apparently he’d been prone to sighing and tapping away at his phone far too often just to hear Derek’s voice telling him stuff. But Stiles couldn’t help it! He missed Derek! It was odd but there it was. Stiles missed Derek, who he had met only 2 months ago for 10 days filled with sarcasm, coffee and so many dry jokes they’d made Scott walk out of the recording room shaking his head.

It felt like a lifetime ago. And all he was left with were audio recordings of Derek, several of which Stiles had clipped together on his own. Including his favorite.

Stiles sighed, chin pressing into his arm as he slouched over the breakfast bar. “I wish I could put my arms around you.” He told the screen, wishing he had a better picture of Derek than the blurry one he was staring at.

His heart ached fiercely when the phone played, “Me too.”

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Sterek AU: Natalia Cloud Stilinski-Hale

"You’re wearing my shirt," Derek comments while Stiles’ dad fumbles with the phone.

"Have you seen our closet lately?" Stiles returns, making air quotes for closet with the hand that isn’t wrapped around Derek’s waist. “It looks like it belongs to a teenager. Which we’ll get enough of in a few years, by the way,” he adds with a nod towards their daughter in Derek’s arms. “Besides, I’m 99% sure that green one is mine.”

Derek frowns and looks down at himself, letting out a huff when realizing the shirt is indeed a little too tight, even by his standards. He can’t blame either of them though, because at least they are wearing shirts, which is something neither of them do much around the house these days.

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"Yes Derek, it does!"

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For Carla because you’re one of my absolute faves in here and it’s all your fault tbh. I hope you like it a bit, it’s really short :)

(Thanks to princestilestilinski for the help)

They’re sitting alone on the porch of the new renovated Hale mansion, waiting for the night to creep in slowly, when Stiles finally said it.

"You know, sometimes things are so frustrating," he says playing with his hands and not looking at Derek. "There are things that you did that you wish you hadn’t because they weren’t the right choice and I- you should have waited for the right thing to come or should have gone for the right choice at the time."

Derek leans in a bit closer to him, tilting his head to show confusion written on his face. “Why do you say that?” he asks, placing a hand on top of Stiles’ to calm them.

Stiles shrugs, “It’s nothing, really. It’s just—- I wish I had gone straight for you,” he stops to laugh shortly at that. “Well, gay for you, whatever—- back when we met each other. To not have gone crazy for Lydia for so long and then things happened with your cousin for god’s sake. It’s just… I hate that we lost so much time, that I lost so much time on people I wasn’t supposed to be with. People that could have never given me what you give me, while you were literally just right in front of me.”

Derek can’t help but blush, never getting tired of hearing Stiles saying what he means to him. How much he means to him.

"You know what happened in the past doesn’t matter, right?" and Stiles nods, his eyes looking at the ground. Derek brings his other hand to take Stiles’ chin and turning his head to face him.

There’s a soft crimson showing on Stiles’ cheek and he’s biting his lips, probably without even noticing.

"I made my mistakes and I made a lot of them. I had Jennifer manipulating me and then Kate continued to assault me and it’s just.. it wasn’t the right time, Stiles." And there’s so much honesty in his voice that Stiles can’t help but take a deep breath and nod, light brown eyes meeting green eyes.

"I know," he replies, intertwining his hands with Derek’s. "Can’t help but bother me though. That I had you but didn’t really have you. Not in the best way."

"Hey, you have me now. You’ll always have me, whatever happened in the past doesn’t change the way I feel about you now."

Stiles smiles. “We still have our fights, though.”

"Yeah, but it’s different now, it’s been 3 years since we met, I wasn’t the same person 3 years ago, I wasn’t happy 3 years ago." Derek leans in, his lips barely brushing on top of Stiles’. "I’m happy now."

Stiles blinks at him after pulling away for a short distance. Bliss was flooding inside of him.

"I’m happy too."

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stiles & derek | i’m not done

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Teen Wolf AU- The Alphas made them do it.

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Sterek AU - Stiles ends up framed for Heather’s murder, and he goes to the one place he thinks the cops won’t look for him. Derek, annoyed at being woken up in the middle of the night, and being Derek, takes the chance to teach him a lesson.

“Derek are you at the loft?”


“Well is anyone else here?”

“No they’re off trying to find you like I am,”

“Look I had to ditch my Jeep in the woods. Everyone thinks I’m a murderer…”

“Hmm sounds familiar.”

“Wait, what!? That was one freaking time. I might add I was trying to protect Scott and we didn’t know you weren’t the Alpha that killed Laura,”

“Clocks ticking,”

“Alright, Alright. Umm. Crap I here sirens now, Please tell me someone’s around here,” 

“Better start running,”

“Do you know what they do to people like me in jail? I’m the sheriff’s son, look too young for a drink and I’m breakable. Even got the ‘Handle with care’ stamp on my arm and all…They’re gonna eat me alive in more ways than one even,”
“It’s not my problem, did you forget be being locked up twice”

“The second time wasn’t even my fault, it was Scott who said it. I couldn’t go against that, we thought you were dead. We didn’t mean to give you a hard time with no place to go,”


“The keys are in a hole behind a loose brick. You know  the alarm. Get inside before they see you,”

“Wait why do I hear sirens on your end?”

“I’m driving you’re Jeep though the preserve to get them off your trail,”

“Oh my god, thank you. You are awesome,” Stiles said running to the elevator after grabbing the key to the lift. 

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Good Night, Sleep Tight :)

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You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won’t tell you that he loves you, but he loves you. And you feel like you’ve done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave in the dirt, and you’re tired. You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and you’re trying not to tell him that you love him, and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you didn’t even have a name for. 

- Richard Siken

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Sterek AU: Derek is a tattoo artist and Stiles is his favourite client.

"In again?"

"You know me, baby doll, not stopping till I’m absolutely covered."

"Still not putting a tattoo on your ass, Stiles."

Their banter is the same every time. Stiles will hold the sketches loosely in his hand, grinning at Derek. Derek will be bent over a client, and his focus is absolutely perfect even as they glare at Stiles and act like the imaginary daggers flying from their eyes are going to shut him up.

Really. They think they can shut him up and that makes him want to laugh until he cries.

Erica always flicks Stiles in the arm, right in the first tattoo Derek ever gave him, which turned into the sleeve that covered his left arm. He’ll stick his tongue out at her and she’ll quickly find a nipple to pinch, making him yelp and dance away from her bright red nails and her wide grin which makes him feel like she’s going to eat him and savor every bite. She’s actually threatened that when she was drunk before.

As soon as Derek finishes with the client he’s working on, and they’ve confirmed they’re satisfied with his work (they always are because Derek is a master and obviously can’t be beat) Derek will hold his hand out for whatever sketches Stiles has come up with now, and there’s always a deeper meaning to them, someone he understands better than a lot of other people, so he never questions the little things between the lines of each sketch, and leaves Stiles be.

Their banter is always the same as Stiles settles himself on the table on whatever day Derek schedule to put the new ink on, but it’s not long before Stiles is quiet and high on pain and endorphins, eyes closed and head tipped back to expose the long line of his neck. There are marks hiding under the collar of his shirt but neither of them will mention them, not even when the shop is so quiet the only thing you can hear is them breathing and the buzz of the tattoo gun.

When the ink is done, Stiles doesn’t even have to listen to the care instructions, because he and Derek have been at this for two years now, ever since Stiles finally crept into the shop and got his first one after Scott did, and though he’d whined about having to be there with Scott the whole time, it’d only been a few days after that he was walking in all by himself.

And later, Derek will press gentle kisses to the bandages, and Stiles will tell him why he got the new ink, and every moment after until they’re both too exhausted to talk and listen anymore will be slow and tender, not unlike the way Derek puts each new piece of ink on his skin.

omg I can’t believe you actually wrote me something akdjfh this is perfect, thank you!!

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