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A commission I did for Dina. :)

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STEREK AU: Hale Farms

Derek’s Family owns a farm. Every Fall they host a Fall Festival. There are hayrides, haunted hayrides, hot chocolate and cider, pumpkins and lots of pumpkin spice donuts. Stiles is a college student that has been working on the farm part time since High School. He loves his job, especially working with Derek. They normally run the hayrides together. This might be the season that Derek looks at the kid that he has known for years a little differently. Stiles might learn that his crush isn’t as onesided as he thought. 

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Sterek High School AU ★ Derek wants to get to know the guy who always sits alone during his free period at the library. Problem is, Stiles is busy studying and doesn’t appreciate being interrupted. (1/?)

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good night :D

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Derek: One last time, whoever you are: where is Ben?
Stiles: He killed himself. He jumped in front of a train.
Derek: Who are you?
Stiles: I’m his twin.
Derek: Twin. Is this a test?
Stiles: A test for what?
Derek: Ben didn’t have a brother. What’s your name?
Stiles: Stiles.

Orphan Wolf AU: Ben’s boyfriend and monitor, Derek, is finally starting to piece the pieces together and comes to a startling conclusion: the man standing in front of him is not Benjamin Childs.

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Wa-heyyyy~ about time I got these Teen Wolf Committee auction commissions done! Sorry I’m taking so damn long and thanks for being so patient with me guys. This one’s for the lovely and gorgeous sarcasmandpaleskin who ask for…well, it’s pretty self explanatory ;)

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The garden scene from chapter 3 of a brand new royal/historical au fic called A Desperate Arrangement by mad-madam-m ♥ GO READ! :D

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warm and happy STEREK

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i just don’t feel right if i don’t do at least one pokemon crossover per fandom

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Done for the Sterekfest.

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