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Trilliath’sStiles’ Story Time was in my head among the Daddy!Derek and Teacher!Stiles and ah yeah well have some cutes.

I added a little version of Sasha because I didn’t know what to put into Stiles’ hands. Also clean shaved Derek for a change <3

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Stiles opens with, “Finstock says you lose 24 calories each time you jerk off. I burned 48 calories before I got to second period!”

"72," says Derek casually.

"You? Three times? It’s not a competition but now that you’ve made it one—"

"Put that back in your pants.

Stiles begrudgingly zips up and throws himself onto the couch beside Derek.

"But what if…"

"No, Stiles."

"Hear me out. What if I jerk you off. Do we each lose 24 calories? Do you lose any for being a recipient? Bystander effect?”

"That’s not what bystander effect means."

"Really? I’m offering to get you off for the sake of keeping fit and getting active, and you’re stuck on psyc vocab?"

"You’re skinny and defenseless because jerking off is your definition of keeping fit and getting active."

"You know what? I don’t even want to jerk you off anymore. Lose your own calories."

"If you could do a proper push-up, you’ll lose more than 24 calories."

"Are you saying we should see who can lose 24 calories faster? I bet I can come before you’re done one set of push-ups."

"What? Fine, let’s see you do ten push-ups. If I come before you’re done, then I’m right."

"That doesn’t even make sense but I love it. Whip it out big boy."

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Oh man this was fun. Although I’m terrible with tattoos. 
Derek’s pretty shirt is ruined ;_;

Thank you for commissioning me!!

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Caught in a Nightmare || Derek and Stiles 

This is mostly about Derek’s struggle and endurance through love and loss, and how Stiles continues to be there; how he helps Derek know he fits. They’re all a little broken and battered, and they all need each other

Where do I even start
To pick it up when its falling apart?
Where do I even start?
Why does it seem so hard?

Spoilers thru 4x02

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a commission for a dear friend of mine; thank you for your endless patience!!

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Magic!Stiles and beatenup!Derek commission to Hydraarill!!! :DDDDDD

Thank you for commissioning me! :DD

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”- Well, we all know what was happening last Monday and who you were with. So I’m assuming…
- Dad, what the hell was I supposed to day? ‘Hi, that’s Derek Hale but he’s deaged. Because that can happen. Oh, and by the way, Agent McCall, your son is a werewolf?!’

Sterek AU: When Derek gets hit with a temporary deaging curse, the pack does it best to hide this fact. Stiles thinks he did a great job but the “cousin Miguel” thing gets out of hand and soon half of the town thinks Stiles is secretly dating some guy (including “cousin Miguel,” the actual guy that Stiles want to date).
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