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have a nice october guys >u< !!!

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Anonymous asked: I love alternate meets canon stories to! Can you do something else with this maybe? one of them switching to a world where they're in love and the other one thinking it's their boyfriend and being all confused about it? (Sterek of course)


OHGOD anon you shouldn’t have done that. You’ve given me the excuse to write something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.


“Oh, thank God” is the first thing Derek hears when he steps into the Stilinski house.

Scott’s trying to catch his eye – the only information Derek had gotten in his text was approximately “something wrong with Stiles. Go with it ‘til we know more” – but whatever he’s trying to communicate with his wildly arching eyebrows isn’t enough. Derek’s completely unprepared for the way Stiles pushes past Scott and Lydia, sets a hand on Derek’s hip, and leans in like he’s going to kiss him.

Which… what?

Derek jerks back, huffing sharply, expecting to be confronted with a smirk, a joke. Even if this doesn’t carry the flavor of Stiles’ usual humor, it would make far more sense than any alternative.

Because something wrong with Stiles doesn’t nearly cover the concept of Stiles suddenly deciding it’s a good idea to stick his tongue down Derek’s throat.

But Stiles doesn’t smirk, doesn’t tease. No, Stiles pauses, still too close in Derek’s space, and winces like the reaction stings. But then he glances over at the others, grimacing and nodding.

“I know, I don’t know what they’re doing here. At first I thought it was a little Argent emissary thing, but he just keeps asking if I’m ok.” He turns, rolling his eyes, arm sliding to loop around Derek’s waist. It’s all Derek can do not to jump again or swat the hand away. Go with it ‘til we know more. “Like I haven’t told him a thousand times that I’m beyond good here with you.”

Scott’s searching Derek’s face like he’s trying to find an answer there, but Derek’s just as lost as Scott seems to be. Stiles goes on, oblivious, while they frown at each other across the room.

“And now that you can see, yet again, that I’m fine, how about you get the hell out? It still kind of sucks to look at you.”

Scott looks wounded and Stiles just looks down, face carefully blank.

Derek’s head is spinning, his skin tingling where Stiles’ arm grips him. The heat of a warm body radiating against his side is a foreign presence, strange and soothing and decidedly uncomfortable.

Any number of things could be causing Stiles to act like this – from an average concussion to a curse – but whatever the cause, Scott was right in his text. Upsetting Stiles before they know what they’re dealing with would be a bad idea.

The silence has gone on too long. Stiles is shifting against, him, snapping: “I’m serious, Scott. Spit out whatever platitudes Argent sent you to say and get out.”

Argent again.

Derek’s at a loss, and Scott just gapes helplessly. It’s Lydia who finally speaks up, piecing together the perfect amount of vague and honest as she answers: “Stiles, it’s ok. We’re… we’re all working together on something right now.”

Stiles barely reacts, paying her less attention than Derek thought he was capable of. Lydia winces before straightening her shoulders, a small hurt vanishing behind a long-perfected mask. She shoots Derek a significant look. Apparently he’s the only one Stiles will listen to right now.

His head’s still spinning. He clears his throat.

“Right, we are,” is all he can manage, a little gruff in his too-tight throat. Stiles stiffens, looking startled and angry, but not doubtful.

“Seriously? You and them?”

“Yeah.” Derek wishes it had been Lydia that Stiles was cursed to listen to. He has no idea at all how to handle this. “We have a… common interest for the time being.” Stiles is still frowning, and Derek drags his gaze back to Scott. He can’t keep playing this game blind. “Actually, I need to talk to Scott alone for a minute.”

Stiles goes quiet, and when Derek looks over he finds amber eyes narrowed on him softly, searchingly.

“Ok,” Stiles finally breathes, in a way that’s far too intimate for such a small word, that carries layers of respect and trust and fondness that Derek wants to shy away from, that he doesn’t deserve, hasn’t earned. Derek has never known that a gaze could say so much, but Stiles’ eyes are expressing whole soliloquies of “I trust you, I know you’re doing this for a good reason, and I believe that you’ll tell me when I need to know.” It’s so far outside anything Stiles has ever shown him that Derek feels himself getting lost in the expression.

He’s pulled out of it when Stiles’ hand brushes his cheek, has barely enough time to brace himself before Stiles is kissing him, slow and soft. He fights the urge to pull away (don’t upset him, play along, don’t do anything that might damage him further) and there are feelings squirming inside him suddenly, urging Derek to shrink from the contact, to melt into it.

It’s a simple kiss, not at all like a first kiss, as if Stiles and he have been doing this every day for ages and will keep doing it every day for a long time yet.

When Stiles draws back, Derek’s feeling heavy-lidded, chest tight, strangely breathless. Stiles smiles and brushes a finger over Derek’s lip.

“Alright, Big Bad Wolf. Go have your secret summit. I’ll be waiting.”


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Country Livin!

ranch hand Derek Hale!!!!

Spoiled ranchowner’s son Stiles

stop giving me ideas!

gdi santafe-iron I’m gonna do the thing.

For the most part, Stiles did not miss the ranch when he was away. His dad was a kind man, and the ranch itself was a beautiful place to grow up, but as soon as he was old enough Stiles moved to the city.

He came home occasionally though and it was usually a pleasant time. The ranch was doing well and Stiles father was spending less and less time working out there himself and had hired a few people to help out. Stiles certainly wasn’t going to do that kind of work anyway. As much as he loved his dad, he had absolutely no interest in running around getting all dirty and sweaty.

The new ranch hand however, apparently had no such qualms.

Stiles dad apparently decided to hire a model to work the ranch. Seriously, the guy has never been seen in a shirt, barely speaks, just smolders at people, and seriously, who cleans a horse in their fucking underwear!

Stiles wasn’t even sure the guy was qualified to do the kind of work he;d been hired for. So, eve though he had very little interest in getting involved in ranch business, Stiles decided that he ought to say something.

He spots the guy, shirtless (as usual) relaxing in a pile of hay (wearing leather pants, because of course that makes perfect sense).

"Hey, you!" Stiles says stalking over to the guy. He removes his hat and looks up at Stiles. Up close Stiles is struck with the full experience of how freaking good looking this guy is.

"Hmm?" The guy grunts in reply. Still no words then. Stiles isn’t sure the guy even speaks English.

"Yeah, what’s your name?" Stiles does his best to sound imposing, but his voice cracks a little. How could he be expected to keep it all the way together when faced with all of that.

The guy, for his part, just smolders a littler harder and then says, “Derek.” slowly, like Stiles might be a little stupid.

Stiles scoffs, “Well, Derek,” he add a bit of a taunt to the name, “My father didn’t hire you to lay around and look pretty.”

Derek raises both his eyebrows and his lips curl in the barest hint of a smirk.

"What? What’s funny." Stiles says as Derek’s smirk spreads to a full grin and oh my god his face is like the sun!

Derek rises to his feet and steps a little closer to Stiles, “You think I’m pretty?”

Stiles rolls his eyes and looks away (anywhere  but at all those muscles), “Please, you are fully aware of what you look like. I mean, who cleans a horse in their underwear!”

Derek’s smile is in full force now and Stiles feels himself turning bright red under his gaze.

"So you were watching me?"

"I- well, I mean- you-" Stiles sputters trying to think of something witty to reply with, but he can’t stop staring at Dereks teeth and this is just not fair. He just wanted to tell the guy to get to work. How has he ended up flushed and heart beating fast in his chest.

Derek apparently tires of watch Stiles have a meltdown and decides to move the conversation forward,.

"I promise to wear pants from now on sir." He says with mock seriousness. 

"I- good, thank you." Stiles says attempting to reign in some of his dignity. (and since when has anyone called Stiles sir)

They stand there in silence for a brief moment, and Stiles does not miss the way that Derek’s eyes roam a bit, causing him to blush all over again.

"Well, good talk." Stiles says when he can’t stand Derek’s gaze on him anymore, and bolts away from him in the direction of the house.

He’s going to have to have a  talk with his dad about sticking around the ranch for a bit longer Stiles thinks once he’s back in the safety of the house, away from the dangerous smile of ridiculously good looking ranch hands. Someone is going to have to keep an eye on the help after all.

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Teen Wolf AU - How To Get Away With Murder:  based on this post Stiles seduces Derek to get him to hack into some data bases for him and get the information he needs to help his law professor win a case. At first, when he continues sleeping with him, he tells himself it’s just because Derek is useful, and he never says no to sex. However, after being used (and ditched) one too many times, Derek reaches his breaking point; no matter how much he likes Stiles, there is a limit to how often he’ll let him step all over him. When he tells Stiles to not come see him again, Stiles has to realise that maybe he’s been breaking his “I don’t do boyfriends” rule all along. 

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Anonymous asked: sterek car crash au?


"Can’t freaking believe you!"

"Stiles, shut up and let me concentrate!"

"Stole Bela Talbot’s car—"

"That was not Bela Talbot, Stiles, she’s fucking fictional, and she was never a demon!"

"Ha! I knew you got the references!"

"Yes, remind me again how the one about shotgun shutting his cakehole goes?"

"Sam never listens to that!"

"And, everyone always ends up dead!"

"How dare you!”

Derek growls, shoves the gear stick into fourth, and the car grates ominously.

"At least Dean can drive stick," Stiles snarks.

"God dammit," Derek puts his foot down on the gas, and Stiles throws his arms out wide. 

"Dude, okay! No more pop culture, just— it’s snowing, Derek!"

After a moment of smirking manically, Derek slows, turns to grin sharply at Stiles, “I was under control.”

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"Outside in your gear in 5 minutes or you’re benched for the season"

Meet cocky lacrosse star Stiles Stilinski and new assistant coach Derek”I-need-this-job-for-my-degree-and-i-don’t-have-time-for-your-shit” Hale.

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zanyafritjof asked: So I am having a not so good day and you write the bestest fluffiest fluff of fluffy. Could you please do a Sterek that just makes you go all squee on the inside and out? Because that would make me so happy.


Stiles is grinning at him, holding out a lumpy blanket.

"What is this," Derek says.

"Happy Tuesday!" Stiles announces, and then the blanket moves. It smells of excitement and simple happiness. Maybe a little bit of curiosity. Alright, so Stiles has brought him… the blanket slips, and a wet nose pokes out, followed by the rest of its owner: a wrinkly black pug puppy.

"Stiles…what…" Derek says awkwardly as Stiles pushes the bundle into his arms. The puppy squirms against his chest, panting happily, and then licks at Derek’s chin. Derek looks up and gives Stiles a look, and Stiles just looks pleased with himself. “I don’t celebrate Tuesdays. Why are you giving me a dog?”

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Sterek AU: How to Get Away with Murder

Derek is a law student who is willing to do anything to impress his professor. Stiles is an IT guy who he seduces to gain access to some emails that are critical to their case. It’s only supposed to be a one time thing, but Derek finds himself being drawn back to Stiles. Repeatedly. It looks like Derek ‘I don’t do boyfriends’ Hale may have finally met his match. 

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